Bark Notes - Collar or Leash Attachments

Bark Notes are an easy and fun way to share important or fun information with people approaching your dog. These 3-inch long "notes" slip over your dog's collar or leash. Large bold capital letters make them easy to read from a distance. 

Some of the many places your dog can wear Bark Notes include on walks, at the dog park, on therapy visits, when traveling to new places, or group training sessions. 

Bark Notes are soft, flexible, and are waterproof. Each note is attached to stretchy neoprene making it easy to fit a Bark Note onto your doggy's collar or leash.

Bark Notes fit collars and leashes up to 3/4 inches wide. They're a perfect way to show your dog's personality and send a message to other people, including dog owners.

Fits most collars and leashes up to 3/4-inches wide.