Dog Fashion Spa Conditioner for Dogs

Get a healthier, silkier, shinier, and more manageable coat with Dog Fashion Spa conditioner for dogs. Toxin-free condition helps detangle and repair your dog’s hair for easier brushing and combing. 

Conditioner is infused with fruit and flower extracts to repair, naturally hydrate, and nourish your dog’s coat. restores any lost moisture to the skin and minimizes the development of dandruff after the bath.  

Dog Fashion Spa conditioner is delicately scented with their signature smell, imbued with notes of jasmine, violet, lemon, and musk. Conditioner is formulated without paraben, synthetic dye, gmo.

To use, after shampooing, massage product into your dog's clean wet fur. Rinse off to uncover luxurious, delightfully-scented fur shine. for best results and to extend the scented pleasure, pair with Dog Fashion Spa Shampoo. 

Made in the U.S.A.  8oz