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Red Violet

Ibiyaya Double Decker Dog Stroller

The Ibiyaya Double Decker dog stroller has two separate compartments for multi-dog households. Give two dogs their own separate space or take three dogs for a stroll in this double-decker model.  

Ibiyaya Double Decker dog stroller fast facts:  

  • Two individual cargo spaces to keep dogs separate or to comfortably
    carry multiple small dogs 
  • Top compartment supports 13.2 pounds / Bottom compartment holds 33 pounds
  • Each compartment has roll-up privacy shades on the front and zippered privacy flaps on top 
  • Large mesh windows for ample ventilation 
  • Swivel front wheels for easy navigation
  • Locking real wheels
  • Cupholder and tray for a water bottle, keys, etc. 
  • Two storage pouches for phone, collapsible bowls, poop bags 
  • Two safety tethers and a soft pad inside each cabin
  • Folds with one hand for storage
  • Weighs 16.5 pounds
  • Available in Silver Grey or Red Violet

spaces which help your pets feel safe and sheltered for calm strolls. Great for dog or cat shows when several pets need to go out at one time, but separately.

Two compartments for two dogs.  
The top compartment is designed for dogs under 13 pounds and the bottom compartment can support up to 33 pounds and is ideal for one dog or two small dogs under 10 pounds. This is a great way to give your dogs their own place to relax or keep them separate for events like a dog show. 

Each compartment has two safety tethers and a padded bottom for comfort. 

Privacy shades on the front and tops.  
For privacy and a cozy feel, you can roll down the zippered flaps on the front of the cargo spaces and zipper each compartment closed to keep the sun away and your doggies safe inside. 

Easy to maneuver around town. 
Thanks to its lightweight design and 360-degree rotating dual wheels on the front, the Ibiyaya Double Decker dog stroller is easy to steer around city streets, narrow sidewalks and anyplace your push your pup. 

Handy features for the human. 
There's a cupholder under the push bar and a 3-inch x 5-inch tray next to it to hold your keys or phone. You'll also find two more small storage spaces on the back of the stroller to hold things like poop bags, collapsible water bowls, treats or a small toy or two. Locking rear wheels keep the stroller in place during loading and unloading, or while parked at an outdoor cafe table. 

To fold the stroller to place in the back of your car or for storage in the home, simply twist the grip on the push bar. 

Why have a stroller for your dog? 
Older dogs, dogs recovering from leg injuries and disabled dogs can be out and about with you, sniffing all of the smells that bring dogs so much joy. A pet stroller is an easy way to give little dogs a break from walking, especially on hot summer days. It's a way to keep your pup from getting stepped on in crowded spaces. Strollers are also a great way to keep those little paws - and long coats - clean when walking after rain or snow.  

Double Decker stroller dimensions:

  • Weight limit: top: 13.3lbs / bottom: 33lbs

  • Stroller weight: 16.5lbs 

  • Upper compartment dimensions: 15.7" long x 11.8" wide x 9.1" high
  • Lower compartment dimensions: 23.6" long x 11.8" wide x 11.4" high

  • Stroller Dimensions: 37.8" long x 19.1" wide x  38.8" high
  • Folded Dimensions: 19.7" long x 11.8" wide x 33.5" high 

Frequently asked questions: 

Are the compartments on the Ibiyaya Double Decker stroller removable? Can they be used as carriers? 
No. The compartments should only be removed for cleaning. They are only designed to be used with the stroller. 

Can this stroller be used in airports? 
You can use this stroller in airports, however, you would most likely have to gate check the stroller and have a separate airline-approved carrier to use onboard the plane.