Chuckit Zipflight Small Dog Fetch Toy

The Chuckit Zipflight small dog fetch toy is a soft, lightweight disk little dogs love to chase. It's super durable and it floats for use in and around pools and lakes. 

Six inches in diameter, this disk is made of soft polyester canvas that's lined with a soft rubber bottom edge for extra grip. A smooth ring of fabric lines the center hole so it doesn't rub your pup's nose. 

Throw the Zipflight like a frisbee for a fun game of fetch with your little dog. Both colors, bright green or bright orange are easy to see in the yard or open field. 

  • Flying disk for playing fetch with your little dog
  • Made of heavy-duty polyester canvas and lined with a rubber bottom edge 
  • Disk is 6-inches in diameter
  • Floats in water 
  • Flies through the air for longer fetch tosses 
  • Thin and lightweight for small dogs to easily carry 

Give this bright small dog toy a toss and watch your furry friend run after it. Some dogs retrieve this toy by picking it up by the edge and others hold the disk with the hold in the center. Your dog will do what feels most natural to him or her. 

This is a fetch toy and not meant as a chew toy. Always supervise your little dog when introducing a new toy.