Lulubelles Plush Hamburger Dog Toy

A whopper of a good time.

The Lulubelle's Plush Hamburger dog toy is as delicious looking as it is fun to chomp on. 

Made with soft plush, the one-piece burger has a layer of lettuce, cheese, and tomato to make it look like the real thing. When your furry friend bites down on the burger, a hidden squeaker will have that tail wagging extra fast. 

This cute hamburger toy is 3.25 inches wide with lots of little places for even the smallest mouth to carry the toy. 

Since this hamburger is made of soft plush, you can toss it across the living room or down the hall for a game of indoor fetch.  

All Lulubelles Power Plush dog toys are designed with a layer of mesh inside them so they last longer. This soft plush toy has no loose pieces and is colored with non-toxic dyes. In fact, Power Plush toys are made to the same standards as children's toys.

Order your doggy a Lulubelle's Hamburger toy today!