FriendshipCollar Dog Collar - Vintage Pairing

Designed for the wine enthusiast and those who like to "wine" down with a leisurely dog walk, the Vintage Pairing FriendshipCollar dog collar features a cork-textured look with rose gold buckles. 

You and your doggy will look fabulous sporting these cute cork-like accessories. For the human, the bracelet goes dressed up or super casual. 

The Vintage Pairing set is part of the FriendshipCollar Luxe Collection and includes a black vegan storage pouch.  

FriendshipCollar dog collars are a fun and fashionable way to show the bond between you and your small dog.

Each FriendshipCollar includes a collar for your furry friend and a matching bracelet for you so the two of you can be connected even when you're apart. 

FriendshipCollars are made of soft, vegan leather and ethically sourced fabrics. These collars and bracelets are durable and very comfortable for you and your prized pup. 

Both the collar and bracelet are outfitted with gold plated fasteners for a luxury look. 

FriendshipCollar sizes:

Length: 6" - 9"
Width: 1/2"

Length: 9" - 12"
Width: 1/2"

Length: 11" - 14"
Width: 3/4"

Length: 13" - 16"
Width: 3/4"

Bracelet size: 

One size fits all 

Free Shipping on Exchanges: If your FriendShip Collar doesn't fit, you can exchange it for free, with no additional shipping fees. If need to return a FriendShip Collar for a refund, the collar and bracelet must be in new condition with the original tags and packaging.