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Essential Calming Oils for Dogs

Here's a 100% natural way to help your small dog relax and stay calm. Dog Fashion Spa essential calming oils have been developed by leading experts in canine aromatherapy to naturally help relax and calm uneasy dogs, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs®

This delicious, spa-like scented blend of essential oils to help naturally relax little dogs that get nervous from separation anxiety, car rides, thunderstorms or plane trips. Just like humans, dogs can benefit from the calming power of aromatherapy. 

Apply this blend of precious oils to your fingers and gently massage your dog's ears. Small bottle is perfect for traveling with your pup and oils are safe for humans. 


     Why you'll love Essential Calming Oils for Dogs: 

    • Bergamot oil eases stress, tension, and fears
    • Tangerine peel helps relax the dog
    • Lavender flowers have instant calming and relaxation effects on dogs
    • Ginger root helps nervous dogs' upset stomachs
    • Rose geranium promotes stability and balance
    • Ylang Ylang flowers temper dog fear, anger, and jealousy
    • Marjoram leaf brings warming effects, cools down the sensations, relieves dog anxiety and tension, and helps relax dog's muscles
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Small .35oz Roll-applicator bottle fits in purse for travel