Chilly Dog Skull Dog Sweater

The Skull Dog Sweater by Chilly Dog is a fall favorite. Designed to keep devilishly little dogs warm and toasty, each sweater is hand-knit from 100% wool by Inca Artisans using fair trade guidelines.

You'll see a big skull and crossbones pattern on the back of the sweater. Choose from sizes for dogs from 2 to 28 pounds. 

This cute sweater is soft and stretchy, making it easy to put on and comfortable for your little dog to wear. 

The high-quality black sweater is colored with plant-based dyes.  

Please note, because these sweaters are handmade, there can be a slight variation in color and style. 

Skull Dog Sweater Size guide:

Length: 8" - 9"
Fits dogs 2 - 5 pounds

Length: 12" - 13"
Fits dogs 5 - 10 pounds 

Length: 15" - 17" 
Fits dogs 10 - 18 pounds 

Length: 19" - 21" 
Fits dogs 18 - 28 pounds 

To find the right size for your pup, measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. 


Exchanges/Returns: If the item you buy doesn't fit, simply mail it back to us and will issue a refund or mail you a different size with no additional shipping fees.