Beco Bone Dog Toy

The Beco Bone dog toy is a soft rubber toy that has a hollow center for hiding treats or chewy sticks. 

We love Beco toys because they're made with eco-friendly materials. Each Beco Bone is made with rice husk and natural rubber. It's a durable, non-toxic little toy that holds up pretty well to sharp little teeth. 

This rubber bone is soft enough gently toss indoors for a game of fetch and durable enough to throw across the yard for the more enthusiastic fetchers. The Beco Bone is also small enough in the center for itty bitty mouths to pick up. 

The vanilla-scented bone is 4.75-inches long. It's also non-toxic and completely safe. Available in Blue or Pink. 

As always, be sure to supervise your dog when introducing him or her to a new toy.