Beco Pets Tommy Turtle Dog Toy

Beco Pets Tommy Turtle dog toy is a cute little sea creature made with recycled plastic bottles. 

Tommy Turtle has a tail-wagging fun, puncture-proof squeaker hidden beneath his soft fabric shell. He is also made with double-layered fabric and is double stitched to make him extra durable. This is a great dog toy for tough chewers. 

Tommy Turtle is 8-inches from the tip of his head to the end of his shell. He's 8-inches wide measuring from his front flippers. The turtle is about 2-inches thick at the shell. Tiny dogs and puppies can easily latch onto the flippers and the black trim around the turtle. 

You'll be glad to know Beco toys are made with recycled plastic bottles in an effort to prevent more plastic from making its way into our oceans. 

Beco Toys also donates 5% of profits to animal and environmental organizations.

Treat your pup to a Tommy Turtle today!