Chilly Dog Gray Diamonds Dog Sweater

Warm up your pup with a Chilly Dog Gray Diamonds dog sweater. This soft sweater features a handsome diamond pattern accented with tones of grey that looks great on a variety of coat colors for both girls and boys.  

This is a pullover sweater that was hand-knit with 100% wool for warmth on chilly days. Each sweater has enough stretch to make it comfy for your dog and easy for you to put on and take off.  

All Chilly Dog sweaters are crafted by artisan knitters in the Northern Highlands of South America following Fair Trade Guidelines. All wool colorings are made using natural plant dyes. 

The Chilly Dog Gray Diamond dog sweater is available in XXS, XS, S and Medium sizes. 

To determine the best size for your dog, measure from the base of the tail to the collar area of the neck. For dogs with a little more weight or fluff, we suggest going up a size. 

Chilly Dog Gray Diamond Dog Sweater Size guide:

(If your sweater doesn't fit, we'll exchange it for free!)

Size XXS 
Length = 8 - 9 inches
Weight = 2 - 5 pound dogs

Size XS 
Length = 12 - 13 inches
Weight = 5 - 10 pound dogs

Size Small = 15" - 17" length / 10 - 18 pound dogs
Length = 15 - 17 inches
Weight = 10 - 18 pound dogs

Size Medium 
Length = 19 - 21 inches
Weight = 18 - 29 pound dogs