Coco-Charms Pumpkin Pie Small Dog Treats

Spoil your little dog with Coco-Charms™ Pumpkin Pie Dog Treats. These tasty treats are shaped like hearts, stars, and bones, and they're made with 100% organic ingredients, including organic pumpkin and ginger. 

Each treat is approximately 1 calorie, helping your dog maintain a fabulous figure. 

Your doggy will love the taste. You'll love that Coco-Charms™ are made of 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients. There are no eggs, dairy, grains, or preservatives in these treats, so if your pup has a sensitive tummy or allergies, he or she can still enjoy them. Coco-Charms have no artificial colors or flavors. 

What You'll Like About CocoTherapy Coco-Charms Treats:

  • Approximately 1 calorie per treat
  • Support doggy's digestive health – coconut fiber has been shown to support digestive health and provide the healthiest form of fiber
  • No animal protein. Excellent for dogs on a limited protein diet or single source protein diet (ie: dogs with kidney, liver issues, or allergies).
  • Supports skin and coat health
  • Supports healthy weight
  • Pure, simple ingredients
  • Tiny size perfect for small dogs 
  • Made in the USA
  • Resealable pouch
Ingredients: Organic coconut, organic buckwheat flour, organic coconut nectar, organic coconut oil, organic pumpkin, organic ginger. All ingredients are 100% human grade, 100% USDA certified organic and non-GMO.


Net Weight: Each bag is 5 oz (141 g) Comes in a re-sealable pouch.

Also available in Blueberry Cobbler flavor