DOGTV - 1 Month Subscription

DOGTV is the first television channel created just for dogs. DOGTV isn't just a TV channel, it's designed to provide happy stimulation and comfort for your dog via scientifically developed sights and sounds.

Treat your dog to a 1-month subscription of DOGTV, which includes shows you can snuggle up and watch together. 

DOGTV offers a range of programs for your little dog and a few for you. Here's a look at some of their programs: 

Relaxation programming is designed to help calm your dog. Relaxation programs are great for dogs that are home alone and provides calming videos with soothing sounds to help relax and calm your dog while you're away.

Stimulation programming includes more engaging videos and sounds from dogs and other animals. Stimulation videos are designed to be playful and keep your dog from getting bored. When your dog watches the Stimulation programming she is receiving mental and physical stimulation. You might pick up a few new ideas for playing and interacting with your little pup. 

Exposure programming on DOGTV includes a variety of videos on subjects that typically make dogs nervous, such as vacuum cleaners, car rides, busy street noises, and more. Exposure programs gradually introduce your dog to sounds that may make him anxious or nervous. This gradual introduction helps dogs become more accustomed to those noises and events that make them anxious. If your dog becomes acclimated and accustomed to these noises in a limited fashion, the noises lose their power to produce anxiety in your dog.

Other DOGTV programs include:

  • The DOGTV Hour - which is for you and your dog
  • DOGSTAR - viewer submitted dog videos
  • Dogs A to Z - covers everything dog  
  • Night Time - soothing visuals and sounds for restful sleep 
  • The Adoption Show - uplifting stories of adoption successes 
  • Talent Hounds - amazing tricks and feats by dogs

DOGTV is available to watch on

  • xfinity
  • DirecTV
  • RCN
  • dish
  • Cox
  • Roku
  • amazon fireTV
  • Apple TV
  • Andriod
  • iOS
  • sling
  • PetChatz