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Furball Cinnamutt Whisky Plush Dog Toy

Here's a hot toy to add to your dog bar. The Furball Cinnamutt Whisky plush dog toy is sure to get your little dog fired up to play. 

The soft plush bottle-shaped toy mimics the classic Fireball Whisky bottle. 

Your dog will be giddy with excitement when he or she chomps on the bottle and hears that irresistible squeaker. 

The Furball Cinnamutt Whisky flat bottle-shaped toy is 8.5-inches tall, 3.5-inches wide by 2-inches deep. It's a good size toy for small dogs 10 pounds and up. 


Treat your little dog to a shot of fun. Order a Furball Cinnamutt Whiskey dog toy today.