GentleDog King Harry Dog Raincoat

Keep your furry friend warm and dry with a limited edition GentleDog King Harry dog raincoat. 

This handmade, 100% waterproof dog raincoat features an old world map pattern across the exterior of the coat. Soft navy blue jersey material lines inside of this dog rain jacket.

For added doggy comfort and mobility, the King Harry raincoat has a seamless hood and seamless short sleeves. 

You'll notice the King Harry raincoat has a functional pocket on the back. 

The coat secures with silver metal snaps. 

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind raincoat for your little dog, the King Harry may be just the ticket. 

Order your pup a GentleDog King Harry dog raincoat today. 

GentleDog King Harry Dog Raincoat Size Guide:

Neck: 9" or less
Chest: 11" or less
Back Length: 9.8" - 11.5"

Neck: 9.5" - 10.25" 
Chest: 11.5" - 13.25" 
Back Length: 11.5" - 13.25"

Neck: 10.5" - 13.25" 
Chest: 13.75" - 16.5" 
Back Length: 16.5" - 15.25"

Neck: 12" - 13.75" 
Chest: 16.75" - 19.5" 
Back Length: 15.75" - 17.25"