Hang Ten Hawaiian Camp Shirt for Dogs

Designed for surfer dogs, the Hang Ten Hawaiian Camp shirt for dogs is a fun summery shirt with a colorful collection of surf-inspired drawings across it. 

This collared shirt has colorful surfboards, waves, vans, palm trees and other beachy drawings across it. It's made of 100% lightweight cotton and secures with a row of velcro tabs under the chest.  

  • Made of 100% lightweight cotton
  • The chest opens like a traditional button-down shirt so you don't have to slip it over your pup's head.
  • Secures with velcro tabs on the chest
  • Sizes for dogs 3 to 30 pound
  • Hand wash - line dry

Perfect for the poolside, beach or just hanging out in the backyard, the Hang Ten camp shirt is sure to light up smiles. 

Order your pup a Hang Ten Hawaiian Camp shirt today. 

Hang Ten Hawaiian Camp Shirt for Dogs Size Guide: 

NOTE: 100% woven shirts do not stretch, so be sure to factor in your dog's fluffiness when measuring.

Chest - 10 inches
Neck - 8 inches
Length - 6.5 inches
Weight - 3 - 6 pounds

Chest - 13 inches
Neck - 11 inches
Length - 8 inches
Weight - 6 - 10 pounds

Chest - 14 inches
Neck - 13 inches
Length - 10 inches
Weight - 10 -16 pounds

Chest - 17 inches
Neck - 15 inches
Length - 12 inches
Weight - 16 - 30 pounds