Klippo Ultra Soft Funny Sheep Dog Pajamas


Klippo Funny Sheep dog pajamas are made of ultra-soft and stretchy Minky fabric to keep your pup warm and cozy on chilly nights. They really are wonderfully soft. 

These colorful pullover pajamas have a pattern of silly sheep across them andhave just the right amount of stretch to easily slip them on and off your doggy. Little white cuffs on all four legs and the collar add to their cuteness.   

Funny Sheep Dog Pajamas:

  • Made of ultra-soft fleece Minky fabric warmth and comfort
  • D-ring on the back of jammies so you can connect a leash for potty breaks
  • Small D-ring under the neck for ID tag or a charm 
  • Tail end and bottom are open for potty time

Funny Sheep pajamas slip over your pup's head. No buttons or velcro to fuss with.

You can connect a leash to the D-ring on the back of the Funny Sheep pajamas for potty breaks. Speaking of potty breaks, these jammies have an open tail end so your pup can take care of business without you have to talk off the pajamas. 

Like all Klippo outfits, you can attach a charm or ID tag to the little D-ring on the neck of the pajamas. 

Klippo Pajamas Size Guide:


  • Back Length: 6" -8"
  • Chest: 10" - 12"
  • Neck: 6" - 7.5"


  • Back Length: 8"-10"
  • Chest: 12" - 14" 
  • Neck: 7.5" - 9"


  • Back Length: 10"-12"
  • Chest: 14" - 16"
  • Neck: 9" - 11"


  • Back Length: 12"-14"
  • Chest: 16" - 18"
  • Neck: 11" - 13"


  • Back Length: 14"-16"
  • Chest: 18" - 20"
  • Neck: 13" - 15"

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