LickiMat Soother - Licking Mat to Calm Anxious Dogs


LickiMat® Soother was designed to help calm anxious little dogs and entertain little pups that love licking. 

LickiMat Soother an 8-inch by 8-inch food grade rubber mat with a pattern of soft bristles that feel good on your pup's tongue. To use the LickiMat Soother, simply spread a soft food like peanut butter, yogurt or canned dog food onto the mat and watch your pup go to town licking away. 

LickiMat Soother Licking Mat Fast Facts: 

  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety in dogs
  • Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums
  • Can be used as a slow feeder with soft foods
  • Use to give your pup a fun, longer lasting treat
  • Use to stop a dog from licking furniture or floor
  • Provides mental stimulation for your pup
  • Made of soft food-grade rubber 
  • Rubber material won't slip and slide on floors
  • Free of Silicone, BPA, PVC and Phthalates
  • Microwave safe and freeze friendly
  • Hand wash only 

Use LickiMat to sooth from scary sounds.
Does your little dog get nervous from the sound of thunderstorms, heavy rain, fireworks or other loud noises? LickiMat can help calm your dog down by redirecting their attention to the soothing sensation of licking. Spread a soft tasty treat on the LickiMat and place it near your pup to take their focus off of the scary sounds. 

To prepare for thunderstorms you can spread some peanut butter or yogurt onto your LickiMat and put it in the freezer so it's ready when your pup needs it most. 

LickiMat is a great boredom buster for furry friends.
When the weather outside has your dog stuck inside, break out a LickiMat Soother to give your pup some mental stimulation. Topped with a yummy treat, a LickiMat is an easy and fun way to give your pup a little extra indoor fun.  

What food or treats can you put on a LickiMat? 
Here's a list of items you can pup on a LickiMat Soother for your pup. Spread the food across and into the nubs of the mat with the back of a spoon, butter knife or spatula. To make the soother fun last longer, spread the treat on the matt and then freeze it before giving it to your dog. 

  • Peanut butter 
  • Yogurt
  • Cream or cottage cheese
  • Puréed fruits or vegetables 
  • Canned dog food or toppers
  • Canned fish
  • Freeze dried or raw dog food

Always be sure the foods you use with LickiMat are safe for dogs and contain no xylitol, which is harmful to dogs.  

Helps keep bad breath at bay. 
When your pup licks a LickiMat, the little rubber nubs scrape food and odor causing bacteria off his or her tongue, promoting fresher breath. 

LickiMat can make nail trimming, grooming or giving medicine easier.
Use LickiMat Soother as a way to distract your dog during nail trims, grooming, or bathing. You can also use it to get your dog to take medication or supplements. 

Use LickiMat as a slow feeder for hungry pups.
If your furry friend tends to eat so fast, he or she often upchucks dinner, try using a LickiMat to slow them down. LickiMat Soother will work with soft or canned foods. 

Treat your pup to a LickiMat Soother today. 

LickiMat Dimensions:

  • 8-inches wide by 8-inches tall

LickiMat Care Instructions: 

  • Hand wash with warm dish soap, rinse thoroughly and air dry.