Lulubelles Power Plush Turkey Dog Toy

Your little dog can have a whole turkey to gnaw on when to treat him or her to a Lulubelle's Power Plush Turkey dog toy. 

This cute little turkey toy is stuffed with a squeaker that will keep your pup hungry for more fun. 

The turkey dog toy is 6-inches by 4.5-inches by 4.5-inches. Even the tiniest of dogs can grab onto the feet and wings. 

Since this toy is made of soft plush, you can safely toss it across the room for your little dog to fetch or chase. 

All Lulubelles Power Plush dog toys are designed with a layer of mesh inside them so they last longer.  This soft plush toy has no loose pieces and is colored with non-toxic dyes. In fact, Power Plush toys are made to the same standards as children's toys.

Order your furry friend a Turkey toy today!