Max's Closet Pink Bobble Dog Sweater with Matching Hat

The adorable Max's Closet Pink Bobble dog sweater is designed to be cute and comfy warm for your little sweetheart. 

This light pink knit sweater is adorned with white bobbles and grey and white stripe trim. Soft and stretchy, this is a pullover sweater that's easy to put on and take off. 

You'll notice the matching hat also has bobble accents and a cute pompom on top. The hat has ear openings on each side and the knit ties allow you to gently secure the hat under your doggy's neck. 

Care instructions: Hand wash and lay flat to dry. 

Pink Bobble Dog Sweater Size Guide:

Size 8:
Length: 8 - inches
Weight: 3 - 4 pounds

Size 10:
Length: 10 - inches
Weight: 5 - 7 pounds

Size 12:
Length: 12 - inches
Weight: 8 - 11 pounds

Size 14:
Length: 14 - inches
Weight: 12 - 15 pounds

Size 16:
Length: 16 - inches
Weight: 16 - 19 pounds

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