Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Turn a bored little dog into a happy little dog with the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Treat Dispensing Dog Toy. 

One of the newest Nina Ottosson toys, this one has three different treat feeding features, which keeps it even more interesting for your little doggy. One side has sliding treat compartments, one has flip open treat compartments and the middle row has removable treat hiding bones. Your lil pup can use his or her nose and paws to uncover rewarding treats. 

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games
• Fights boredom by keeping your dog busy - especially on rainy days
• Helps reduce destructive behavior by exercising your dog´s mind.
• Strengthen the bond with your dog.
• Fun for all dogs – regardless of age & size.

HOW TO PLAY: Place treats or kibble in compartments of the base and sliding blocks. Cover middle compartments with the bones. The more covered compartments, the harder the puzzle will be! Let the games begin! Show your dog how the game works and encourage them to find the treats. 

PLAY TOGETHER: Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games focus on challenging your dog’s brain. Supervise when playing, and don´t let the dog chew on the toy. Teach your dog how to use the puzzle, play and have fun together. Put away until next time.

EASY TO CLEAN: To wash your dog’s DogBrick, simply remove all treats/kibble and hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry. Fill again for more fun!

Size: 12.8 x 9.2 x 2 inches