Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Lil Snoop Interactive Dog Toy

Royal Blue

The Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Lil Snoop interactive dog toy is an award-winner. It's super simple to use. Just place a few of your pup's favorite treats or kibble inside the squishy, rubber-like toy and watch your furry friend excitedly work to get the treats out. 

Orbee Tuff Lil Snoop Dog Toy Fast Facts: 

  • Interactive toy, brain-stimulating dog toy
  • 4-inches wide by 3-inches tall
  • Soft rubber-like material is quiet on hardwood floors
  • Bounces and floats
  • Infused with natural mint oil 
  • Non-toxic, BFP free, phthalate-free, FDA approved
  • Made in the USA

An Orbee Tuff Lil Snoop is a great toy for exercising your dog's mind and body. Simply pop fold out the neck of this half ball-shaped toy, drop in your pup's favorite treat or some kibble, fold the neck back in. and then watch your dog use his or her paws, nose and mouth to get the treats out. 

Orbee-Tuff Lil Snoop Interactive Dog Toy

As this toy is pushed and batted, your dog will be rewarded as the treats fall out. Because the toy is see-thru, it's easy for you to know when all of the treats are gone.  

This is a great toy to have when the weather outside keeps your pup stuck inside, for dogs with lots of energy or to entertain your dog while you're at work. It's sure to become one of your dog's favorite toys. 

Because the Lil Snoop is made of a soft, rubbery material, it's quiet on hardwood and tile floors, which both you and your dog will appreciate.

Orbee Tuff Lil Snoop is available in Purple or Royal Blue. 

Made in the USA. 

Treat suggestions for use with Lil Snoop: 

Toy Dimensions: 

  • 4-inches wide x 4 inches tall