Playology Pebble Chew Dog Toy

We're big fans of this little dog toy. The Playology Pebble Chew is made with a special scent technology that stimulates the nose to keep your dog engaged with the toy longer. After all, the way to a dog's heart is through the nose. 

The small Pebble Chew is made with dog safe materials and designed for light to moderate chewers. The toy has a soft feel with just the right amount of squishiness to it. 

The Playology dog toy is also very lightweight and totally safe to indoor play. Toss it across the room or yard for your dog to fetch. When your dog bites on the Pebble Chew, the peanut butter scent is activated, which is meant to get your dog even more excited to play. 

Your dog will be excited by the crazy bounces this toy makes when it hits the ground. You'll love the fact that the pebble shape keeps the little toy from rolling under the sofa or chairs. 

Playology Pebble Chew is 2.5 inches long and designed for dogs up to 15 pounds. 

Cleaning Instructions: Rinse with warm water to clean. Pat dry.

Safety Information: Tested to meet ASTM guidelines for safety for children's toys and the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards for lead, phthalates and other toxins deemed hazardous.

Warning: No toy is indestructible. Toys should always be inspected regularly as any rips or tears can injure your pet. The damaged product should be taken away from your pet and disposed of immediately. Ensure the toy you select is appropriately sized for your dog. Remove and discard all packaging prior to use.


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