Poochie Bells Decorative Hooks

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PoochieBells handcrafted pewter hooks allow you to hang your PoochieBells next to your door instead of on the doorknob. Using a PoochieBells hook also means you can set the bells to your desired height.  

Why hang your PoochieBells on a hook? If you have a lot of traffic going in and out of your door, hanging your PoochieBells next to the door means they'll only ring when your doggie rings them to go outside. This is especially handy for homes with young children in them.   

  • Hooks are Made in the USA
  • Hook are lead-free
  • Hook measures 2-inches wide x 1.5-inches high
  • Includes two installation screws

PoochieBells Hooks can also be used to hang your pup's leash, car keys and more! 

Shop PoochieBells Animal Kingdom Collection.  

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Type: Potty Time

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