Poochie Bells - Dog Potty Training Doorbell - Animal Kingdom

What are PoochieBells? They're a pretty ribbon of bells your doggie can ring to let you know when he or she has to go potty. PoochieBells dog training bells are a great way to housebreak new puppies and dogs you welcome into your home. The Animal Kingdom collection features cute animal prints. 

PoochieBells Are Made In the USA
PoochieBells dog potty training bells are made with grosgrain ribbon with a snap near the top to accommodate pull style door handles. The bells themselves are reinforced lead-free bells that are smooth and safe for dogs. PoochieBells have two sets of bells and measure about 26" long. You simply drape the bells over your doorknob. PoochieBells also have a snap for pull-style door handles. 

Training is as easy as 1..2..3  
Your PoochieBells include easy to follow three step instructions for training your pup to use them. First, you introduce your dog to the bells. Next, ring the bells when you take your dog out to potty. Step three is praising and repeating at each potty break. Before you know it, your doggy will ring the bells to let you know he or she has to go outside.  

PoochieBells have a 95% success rate.  
Over million dogs are ringing their PoochieBells to let their pet parents know when it's time to go.  

If you prefer to hang your PoochieBells next to your door instead of on the door (great if you have children going in and out), order a PoochieBells decorative hook. This is a great option if you have a lot of traffic going in and out of a door. This way you'll only hear the bells when you doggy rings them.

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