Poochie-Pets Mini Dog Collar Bell

This adorable little dog collar bell provides the perfect jingle when your dog is on the move. 

When you go on dog walks, you'll come to love the rhythm of this ringing bell. You'll also love seeing people smile with they see and hear this collar bell jingle. 

Shaped like a mini cowbell, this small collar bell attaches to your nearly any collar with the included Velcro strap. Simply wrap the Velcro band around the collar and trim any excess for a great fit.  

Poochie-Pets dog bells have a jingle that lets people and animals know your dog is coming their way. If you have a dog that likes to stalk squirrels and other critters, this dog bell will give them the warning they need to escape. 

If you hike with your small dog, this collar bell will alert wildlife and other hikers to your dog's presence.  

Bells are 1-inch wide and 1-inch high. These lightweight metal bells are made in the USA. 

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