Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Dog Carrier

Purple Mosaic

The Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway dog carrier is an airline-approved duffle carrier for dogs 12 pounds or less.

Need a larger carrier? Look at the Prefer Pets 312 XL for dogs up to 20 pounds.

What sets this carrier apart from others is that it's designed with special sound-absorbing padding to help soften sounds that may frighten your dog while traveling. Less noise means a calmer, less stressful adventure for your furry friend.

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Dog Carrier Fast Facts: 

  • Soft-sided airline-approved carrier for dogs up to 12 pounds
  • Made with sound absorbing materials to soften scary sounds
  • Mesh windows on three sides for ventilation
  • Three entry/exit openings for your pup 
  • Roll up / roll down privacy screens on top and both ends of carrier
  • Plush pile lined, machine washable floor
  • Removable padded, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Side pocket for treats, poop bags and leash
  • Matching luggage tag  
  • Foot pegs to protect the bottom of the carrier
  • Water-resistant coated polyester canvas exterior
  • Dimensions: 17-inches long x 12-inches high x 10-inches deep 

Comfortable to carry.
The lightweight Hideaway Duffle dog carrier weighs just under 3 pounds when empty. You can tote your pup around using the padded double carry handles or over your shoulder with the padded, adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is also detachable.  

Comfortable for your doggy.
One feature your pup may really like about a Prefer Pets Hideaway carrier is the sound absorbing material that dampens unfamiliar sounds for a less stressful trip to the vet, groomer or airport. 

The floor of the carrier is made of sturdy plastic and topped with a soft, silky pad. A hard floor ensures your dog has secure, stable footing while standing inside the carrier. The soft padding is removable and machine washable.

Mesh windows on three sides of the carrier allow for plenty of ventilation while allow your pup to see and sniff the world around him or her. 

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Dog Carrier with sides and top open

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Dog Carrier - Sides opened up
Both end of the carrier open for easy access your pup. 

Three openings for entering and exiting the carrier. 
The Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway pet carrier has zippered openings on both ends and on the top, making it easy to get your furry friend in and out of the carrier.  

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway Dog Carrier - close up of storage pocket

Storage pocket for leash, poop bags, etc.
Pictured above is the front pocket on this carrier. The pocket is large enough to hold your pups leash, pickup bags, and some treats. The pocket has a velcro tab to keep it closed. A matching luggage tag is included with the carrier. 

Carrier dimensions: 17-inches long x 12-inches high x 10 deep
Hold pets up to 12 pounds - 16-inches long from the collar area of the neck to the base of the tail and 10-inches tall from the bottom of the paw to top of back. 

Need a larger carrier? Look at the Prefer Pets 312 XL for dogs up to 20 pounds.

Color options: Black, Red Plaid, Heather Gray, Brown Pawprints, Purple Mosaic, and Aqua.

Suggested for dogs 12 lbs. and under.

Airline approved for under seat use but always check with your airline prior to arriving at the airport.