Puppia Soccer Jersey for Dogs


The Soccer Jersey for dogs is available in two fun colors to show off your pup's love of soccer. These 100% polyester pullover jerseys are soft, lightweight and comfortable so your pup can run around the pitch or the dog park chasing a soccer ball.  

Available in white or blue, each shirt has it's own distinct look. 

The white dog soccer jersey has green, blue, red and yellow stripes running down the back. The shirt also has a Puppia football crest and a big number 10 on the back. This shirt's collar is solid yellow and has one green sleeve and one yellow sleeve. 

The blue soccer jersey has blue and white stripes running down the back and a Puppia football crest. This shirt's collar is solid red and the chest and sleeve are solid blue. 

This dog soccer shirt is perfect for spring and summer. 

Available in White or Blue. 

Puppia Dog Soccer Jersey Size Guide: 

Neck Girth: 8.7 inches
Breast Girth: 12.2 inches
Body Length: 7.5 inches

Neck Girth: 10.2 inches
Breast Girth: 14.6 inches
Body Length: 9.4 inches

Neck Girth: 11.8 inches
Breast Girth: 16.9 inches
Body Length: 11.4 inches

Extra Large:
Neck Girth: 15 inches
Breast Girth: 19.3 inches
Body Length: 13.4 inches

Note: Measurements are the size of the shirt. Please make sure your measurements allow room to spare in the chest and neck.