RC Pets Cirque Harness

Stylish and comfortable, the RC Pets Cirque harness is a step-in style harness designed specifically for little dogs and small puppies.

  • Made of soft, breathable airmesh fabric for comfort
  • Sizes for dogs and puppies as light as 2 pounds
  • Slips over the head to put on and take off
  • Secures with one plastic snap closure, no velcro 
  • Stretchy neckline for added comfort

This soft harness slips over your pups head and fastens with one simple snap closure. The harness has two nickel-plated D-rings. You can connect your leash to one ring and attach your dog's ID tag to the other ring. 

Soft, Breathable Airmesh Fabric for Comfort. 

The RC Pets Cirque step-in small dog harness is made with two layers of fabric for durability and comfort. The outer layer of the harness is 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex to give it just enough stretch. The inner layer is 100% lightweight mesh Polyester. 

Stretchy Neckline Reduces Pressure on the Chest and Neck. 

Having 16% Spandex in the outer layer of the Cirque Harness gives it a little extra stretch to avoid putting pressure on your dog's chest and neck, without giving your pup the ability to get out of the harness.   

Sizes for Teacup Dogs and Puppies as Little as 2 to 3 Pounds. 

If you've been struggling to find a harness small enough for your itty bitty Chihuahua, Teacup Yorkie, Papillon, Pomeranian or another small breed, this may be the harness you've been looking for. The largest size Cirque Harness we stock is small, which fits dogs up to 20 pounds. 

Simple Snap Closure for Easy On and Off.  

To put this harness on, simply slide it over your furry friend's head, guide the left paw through the large leg opening and snap the plastic clip closed. It's that easy. The adjustable nylon strap allows a little room for a growing puppy and gives long haired dog owners the ability to adjust the harness around groomings.  

Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle. Hang dry.  

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 RC Pets Cirque Harness Size Guide: 

Chest: 8"-11" 
Dogs and Puppies Weighing: 2lbs. - 3lbs.

Chest: 10"-14" 
Dogs and Puppies Weighing: 3lbs.-4lbs.

Chest: 12"-17" 
Dogs and Puppies Weighing: 4lbs.-10lbs.

Chest: 15"-22" 
Dogs and Puppies Weighing: 10lbs.-20lbs.


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