Road Refresher Non-Spill, Slobber Resistant Dog Bowl

The Road Refresher non-spill, slobber resistant dog bowl designed to eliminate spills and reduce slobber when your doggy drinks. This ingenious bowl can be used in your home, car, van or RV.  

Road Refresher Dog Bowl Fast Facts: 

  • Non-spill bowl can be used in homes, motorhomes, boats, cars, tents, etc. 
  • Floating tray inside bowl helps reduce slobber by 90%
  • Made from heat resistant, toughened polypropylene  
  • Holds 20-ounces of water
  • Dishwasher safe on the top rack 

Say goodbye to that big puddle around your regular dog bowl.

To reduce slobber, the Road Refresher dog bowl has a patented floating tray inside that helps your dog drink neatly. If you have a dog with a long beard or long ears, this floating tray minimizes the amount of water the beard and ears soak up. In fact, the bowl is narrow enough to keep most dog ears out of the bowl. The floating tray automatically lowers with the water level inside the bowl so your dog can always get a drink. 

Designed to prevent spills from kicks, happy paws and bumps in the road. 

The smooth, rounded top rim of the Road Refresher bowl has an interior lip that keeps water from splashing out of the bowl. Even if the bowl is kicked or batted by your dog's paws, the water won't spill out. The non-spill design is great for road trips with your dog because you can place this bowl on the floor of your car or cargo area of your SUV and not have to worry about the water spilling out or the bowl tipping over when you go around corners or encounter bumps in the road. 

A great dog bowl for RVs and campers. 

If you take your dog on your camping adventures, you'll really love the Road Refresher dog bowl. Your dog can have access to water whenever he or she needs a drink and you can relax knowing you won't step in a sopping wet mess when you walk past the bowl.

Road Refresh Dog Bowl Dimensions: 

  • 7.4 inches wide x  3 inches tall
  • 3.6 inches wide opening 
  • Holds 20 ounces of water



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    Not right for my thirsty girl

    My dog is not little, but this looked like it would work. The first time she used it she was a little confused. The second time she took the rim off and carried the bowl around. After that she just drank all the water and brought the empty bowl to me. Didn't slow her down at all.


    Sorry the Road Refresher Bowl didn't work out. This bowl is for little dogs. They do make a large version, which might work better for your sweet gal.