Royal Ramps Pet Steps - 21 Inch Pet Stairs

Royal Ramps Premium Pet Steps make it easier for your small dog to get to higher places, like a sofa, chair or bed. These stairs are made with high-density foam, making them very lightweight, sturdy and long-lasting. 

The 21-inch pet step consists of three individual stairs that connect with wide Velcro bands that are pre-stitched onto each stair. 

  • Royal Ramps Pet Stairs are made in the USA with high-density foam
  • Sturdy, stable and lightweight - easy to move from room to room
  • Stairs are covered with an upholstery-grade suede fabric that is impermeable to stains
  • Pet stains, soda, and even red wine easily wash off
  • Covers easily zip off for cleaning 
  • Available in 10 colors 

Royal Ramps Pet Stairs are great for tiny dogs that are too small to jump up on the sofa or bed. They are also helpful to older dogs that are not as mobile as they used to be. Pet stairs can also reduce the risk of future back injuries caused by your doggy jumping off the sofa or bed.

21-inch, 3 Step Pet Stair Measurements:

  • Step 1 (smallest): 14" Wide x 14" Long x 7" High
  • Step 2 (middle): 14" Wide x 14" Long x 14" High
  • Step 3 (tallest): 14" Wide x 14" Long x 21" High
  • Total dimensions: 14" Wide x 42" Long x 21" High (Weight: 14 lbs.)
  • 3 steps connect using stitched on Velcro bands 

Royal Ramps Pet Steps are also available in:

Care Instructions:
  • To remove stains such as red wine, mustard, soda, tea, coffee or grape juice, use mild soap and lukewarm water. Rub gently in a circular motion with a sponge or soft brush. Pat the area dry after cleaning. Covers can also be easily removed and machine washed using cold water (air dry only).


Type: Pet Ramp

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