Susan Lanci Designs 3 Row Giltmore Dog Collar

The gorgeous luxury Susan Lanci 3 Row Giltmore dog collar is designed for the fashion forward pooches of the world. 

Susan Lanci 3 Row Giltmore Dog Collar
Three rows of shimming Swarovski Giltmore crystals are securely affixed to a premium band of soft Ultrasuede fabric. The clasp and D-ring have a bright nickel-silver finish.   
Susan Lanci 3 Row Giltmore Dog Collar - Clasp

This Susan Lanci small dog collar is one half inch wide and made of genuine commercial upholstery grade Ultrasuede® fabric imported from Japan. Ultrasuede is soft, comfortable, colorfast, and machine washable. 

Susan Lanci collars for dogs are meticulously made in the USA.
Please note: Each Susan Lanci dog collar is made to order. Collars typically ship within 5-7 business days of ordering. 

Susan Lanci Dog Collar Size Guide: 

Teacup = 5.5 - 7 inches
XXS = 6
 - 8 inches
XS = 7 - 8.5 inches
S = 9 - 10.5 inches
M = 11 - 12.5 inches
L = 13 - 14.5 inches
XL = 15 - 16.5 inches 

Measure your pup's neck where the collar will sit and add one inch for comfort.