Susan Lanci Designs Rock Star Step-In Dog Harness

The Susan Lanci Designs Rock Star step-in harness features a star-shaped genuine Swarovski element that will shimmer when your pup is in the spotlight. 
Your dog will love how comfortable this lightweight harness is. You'll love how easy it is to put on and take off this step-in harness. A perfect harness for pint-size Poodles, Maltese, Poms, Chi-chis, Morkies, and all of the other little breeds out there, including teacup pups. 

When it's time for a walk, simply slip your pup's front paws through the leg openings, wrap the harness over the back and click the quick release snap. When you arrive back at your house, simply press the quick release buckle and slip the harness off. It's that easy. 

This luxury Susan Lanci dog harness is made of buttery soft, highly durable Ultrasuede. You will be happy to know the front of this harness sits well below the neck. If your doggy pulls on the leash or lunges, the pressure goes to the front shoulders rather than the neck.  

Susan Lanci Rock Star Step In Dog Harness - Red - Close up


While it's super soft, this luxury dog harness is nearly indestructible because it's made of commercial-grade Ultrasuede fabric imported from Japan. The fabric is colorfast, stain and odor resistant, and machine washable. Even better, the Ultrasuede fabric has no threads to pull or fray. Care instructions are included. 

The Susan Lanci Rock Star harness is finished with a Nickle silver D-ring. 

Susan Lanci dog harnesses are meticulously handcrafted in San Diego, California.

Please note: Each Susan Lanci harness is made to order. Harnesses typically ship within 5 business days of ordering. 

Susan Lanci Step-in Dog Harness Size Guide: 

Teacup = 8.5 - 9.5 inches
XXS = 9.5 - 10.5 inches
XS = 10.5 - 12 inches
XS/S = 11.5 - 13 inches
S = 12.5 - 14 inches
S/M = 13.5 - 15 inches
M = 14.5 - 16 inches
M/L = 16 - 18 inches
L = 18 - 20 inches
L/XL = 20 - 22 inches
XL = 22 - 24 inches 

Measure the widest part of your dog's chest, usually right behind the front legs.  


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