fouFIT Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Bumper Balls and Spiker Balls are 5-inch treat dispensing dog toys that provide great brain stimulation for your little dog. Add a few Zuke's Mini Naturals, other small treats or kibble to the ball and watch your furry friend work to get the treats out. 

As your dog rolls the ball with his or her paw or nose, the treats will eventually fall out of the dispensing hole on the ball. These fun, interactive dog toys are made of durable TPR rubber. The soft rubber balls are quiet on hardwood floors and protect your furniture and baseboards from marks and scuffs.  

Treat Dispensing Bumper and Spiker Balls are: 

  • Fun toy for dogs, especially when weather keep them indoors 
  • Challenges your small dog's brain and rewards him/her with treats 
  • Durable rubber for long, lasting fun 
  • Quiet on hardwood flooring and easy on furniture and walls


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