American River Wrap & Snap Dog Harness

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The Wrap & Snap Small Dog Harness is lightweight, soft, and easy to put on and take off. A very comfy harness for small dogs. You'll be happy to know this dog harness also has a choke-free design. If your dog pulls on the leash or lunges at a squirrel, the harness applies pressure to your dog's chest, not the throat.  

You'll notice the Wrap & Snap harness by Doggie Design has four adjustment points to help you find a comfortable fit for your furry friend. You'll adjust the harness the first time your pup wears it. After that, you simply slip your furry friend's front legs through the wide leg openings, wrap the harness around your pup's chest and snap it closed. It's that easy! 

This dog harness has two side-by-side D-rings for an extra level of safety. The Wrap & Snap dog harness is made of soft, breathable mesh polyester and available in 11 fun colors choices. 

For added safety in your car, pair with an adjustable seat belt leash

Size Guide: 

XS Dog Harness:
Chest: 12" to 13 3/4" 
Weight: 4-6 lbs

Small Dog Harness
Chest:  13 3/4" to 17" 
Weight: 6-11 lbs

Medium Dog Harness:
Chest: 17" to 20"
Weight: 11-20 lbs

Large Dog Harness:
Chest: 20" to 26" 
Weight: 20-40 lbs


Exchanges/Returns: If the harness you buy doesn't fit, simply mail the harness back to us and we'll issue a refund or mail you a different size with no additional shipping fees. 


Type: Harness

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