Zip-up Dog Puffer Vest


The Doggie Design Zip-up Dog Puffer Vest is a quick and simple way to keep your furry friend warm on winter walks. 

Unzip the vest, put your pup's front paws through the leg openings, zip the vest closed and attach a leash to the D-rings on the vest. Our the door you go. 

Zip-up Dog Puffer Vest Fast Facts: 

  • Waterproof out shell
  • Shell is filled with warm fiber insulation
  • Lined with a layer of thick fleece
  • Zippered back make for easy on and off
  • D-rings on the vest for leash attachment

Waterproof outer shell to keep doggy dry.
The shell on the Zip-up puffy vest is waterproof to keep your pup's body dry on snowy or rainy winter days. By keeping your pup's body dry, he or she will stay warmer and will help keep things like your sofa dry when you get back from an outdoor adventure.

Thick, warm fleece lining.
While the waterproof shell keeps your dog dry, a thick layer of fleece keeps your pup warm and toasty oh chilly walks. In addition to the fleece liner, the waterproof shell is also filled with warm fiber insulation for added warmth. 

A winter vest that's easy to get on and off.
The Zip-up Dog Puffer Vest is super easy to get on and off your dog. Unzip the vest, slip your pup's front paws through the leg openings and then zip the vest closed. It's super easy. 

D-rings on the back of the vest. 
The Zip-up Puffer Vest has two secure D-rings on the back so you can put the vest on, attach your favorite leash and head out the door. Prefer to walk your dog with a collar? No problem, the vest sits low enough on the neck to do that as well.  

Order a Doggie Design Zip-up Dog Puffer Vest today. 

Zip-up Dog Puffer Vest Size Guide:

(If your dog jacket doesn't fit, we'll exchange it for free!)

XS Dog Coat
Back Length: 9 inches
Chest:: 14 inches
Neck: 11.5 inches

Small Dog Coat
Back Length: 11 inches
Chest:: 17 inches
Neck: 13 inches

Medium Dog Coat
Back Length: 12.5 inches
Chest:: 18.5 inches
Neck: 14.5 inches

Large Dog Coat
Back Length: 15 inches
Chest:: 20 inches
Neck: 16.5 inches

X-Large Dog Coat
Back Length: 18.5 inches
Chest:: 24.5 inches
Neck: 18.5 inches