About DinkyDogClub


DinkyDogClub was inspired by a Meetup group.   

That regal fellow pictured above is Dunkin, a Havanese mix. When he can into our world, we took him to a small dog park - only to find there were no other little dogs to play with. After a few more trips to find an empty park, we started a Meetup group for small dogs. Quickly needing a name, we called it the DinkyDogClub and small dog owners loved it. Our Meetup group started with two dogs and quickly grew into a club of over 400 little dogs.

Connecting with small dog parents across the USA.  

Upon seeing the success of our Meetup group, we started a Facebook page for DinkyDogClub. Like our Meetup group, our Facebook grew quickly as a place to celebrate, learn about and share all things related to small breed dogs. Today over 110,000 fans are connected to our  Facebook page. Two of our page highlights are Friday Smile, which is a fun video of a little dog and Small Dog Sunday, a day on which we give our little dogs extra lovin - if that’s even possible.


An online store just for small dogs.

The next step on our small dog journey was starting DinkyDogClub.com, an online pet store that carries items exclusively for small dogs. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, our online dog boutique carries an evolving selection of little dog accessories, including small dog harnesses, small dog treats, small dog clothing and other accessories - all sized for little pups.

We still host our Meetup group so we have a great group of little dogs to give our products four paws up before we add them to our store. Our office dogs - Dunkin, DJ and Lola - are excellent product testers, especially when it comes to toys and treats!

Along with selling high-quality dog products, we’re big on providing exceptional customer service. Exchanges and returns free. You’ll be kept in the loop on every step of the buying process - from order confirmation to shipping date and tracking numbers.

Free Shipping on Exchanges. 

To make shopping at DinkyDogClub easier and more convenient, we offer free shipping on exchanges and returns. So if the item you buy doesn't fit, you can exchange it for a different size without having to worry about extra shipping costs.   

Giving back to the small dog world

We are a very small store, but whenever possible we help support small dog rescues. Contact dj@dinkydogclub.com for donation requests.