Plush Glitter Glow Dog Harness

The star pattern on the Plush Glitter Glow dog harness will make your little pup look like a superhero! 

Made of soft, comfortable neoprene, this harness has a choke-free design and secures with two velcro tabs and a plastic snap. 

For added visibility on walks in the dark, the stars on this harness glow in the dark. Just hold the harness under a bright lamp to activate the glowing in the dark feature. The Plush Glitter Glow harness also has reflective trim around the leg openings. 

And don't worry, the glitter pattern on this harness is in the fabric so there's no actual messy glitter to get all over your house.   

What you'll love about your Plush Glow in the Dark Dog Harness:  

    • Lightweight, soft and comfortable on your dog 
    • Star pattern glows in the dark for extra visibility
    • Step-in harness design makes it easy to put on
    • Patented button-like quick release buckle
    • Strong, durable velcro closure allows for an adjustable fit
    • Two, lightweight alloy D-Rings to attach to a leash
    • Choke-free design protects the neck and trachea 
    • Washable (in a lingerie bag)

Free Shipping On Exchanges! We pick up the shipping costs if you need to exchange the harness you buy for a different size.

Step-in harness design.
This is a step-in dog harness, which means you put your little dog's front paws through the leg openings to put the harness on. Once the paws are through, simply wrap the harness over your pup's back and secure the velcro tabs and plastic snap. Easy as can be! 

Choke-free design helps protect trachea if your dog pulls on the leash.
Notice how the neck swoops down and away from your dog's trachea, protecting your pup's throat. This design applies pressure to the chest rather than the neck if your dog pulls on the leash.  

plush glitter glow dog harness

Easy to put on and take off. 
You'll love the fact that Plush harnesses are easy to put on. Just slip your doggy's front paws through the leg openings, wrap the harness over the back, connect the velcro tabs and buckle the snap. That's it. To remove the harness, press the button style snap and unhook the velcro.  

Reflective trim around the leg openings for added visibility. 
To help make your pup more visible on walks in the dark, Plush dog harnesses have reflective bands that are visible from the front and sides. The star pattern also glows in the dark for even more visibility. The longer the harness is exposed to light, the longer the harness will glow in the dark. 

Choose from Red, Blue, Pink, Gold or Gunmetal. 

These lightweight harnesses are available in sizes 3XS to L to fit dogs from 2 to 25 pounds. 

SIZE GUIDE: (If your dog harness doesn't fit, we'll exchange it for free!)

3XS Dog Harness
Chest: 9"-11" 
Weight: 2 - 3 lbs.

    2XS Dog Harness
    Chest: 11"-13" 
    Weight: 4 - 7 lbs.
      XS Dog Harness
      Chest: 13"-15" 
      Weight: 7 - 11 lbs.

        Small Dog Harness
        Chest: 15"-17" 
        Weight: 11 - 15 lbs.

        Medium Dog Harness
        Chest: 17"-19" 
        Weight: 15 - 19 lbs.

        Large Dog Harness
        Chest: 19" - 21" 
        Weight: 18 - 25 lbs.





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