Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway XL Dog Carrier

The Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway XL dog carrier is the larger version of the popular Prefer Pets Hideaway pet carrier. The Hideaway XL is designed for dogs up to 20 pounds and is airline-approved. 

If your pup has sound-induced anxiety, you'll be happy to know Prefer Pets carriers are made with special sound-absorbing padding that can help reduce noises that frighten your dog. 

Prefer Pets 312 Hideaway XL Dog Carrier Fast Facts: 

  • Soft-sided airline-approved carrier for dogs up to 20 pounds
  • Mesh windows on three sides for plenty of ventilation
  • Zipper top and ends for easy access to your pup
  • Roll up / roll down privacy screens on top and both ends
  • Plush pile lined, machine washable floor
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Side pocket for treats, poop bags and leash
  • Matching luggage tag  
  • Footpegs to protect the bottom of the carrier
  • Water-resistant coated polyester canvas exterior
  • Dimensions: 19-inches long x 12-inches high x 12-inches deep 

Comfortable to carry.
Traveling with your dog is a breeze with the lightweight Hideaway Duffle XL dog carrier. Carry it with the padded double handles or over your shoulder with the detachable, padded shoulder strap. A zippered, mesh top lets you peek down at your pup or slip your hand inside for a little petting. 

This carrier also has a nylon strap so you can slip the carrier onto your roller bag when walking through the airport. 

Comfortable for your doggy.
As the name implies, the Hideaway Duffle XL keeps your pup completely covered for a quiet little place to rest on long journeys. You can unzip and roll down one or both ends of this carrier, revealing mesh covers and allowing your furry friend to smell the world outside. The top of the carrier also has a roll-away cover so your pup can gaze up at you. 

A soft, plush pile-lined base provides a comfortable resting space and the hard plastic floor is sturdy and stable. 

Sound-absorbing padding for your pup.
To help reduce anxiety from noises at the vet, airport and on the plane, the Prefer Pets Hideaway Duffle XL is made with an exclusive sound-absorbing padded barrier. This feature helps calm anxious dogs by muffling sounds that are unpleasant to your best friend. 

Other thoughtful touches include a matching luggage tag, footpegs to protect the bottom of the carrier from scuffs and scratches and a side pocket to hold dog essentials, such as treats poop bags and your baby's leash. 

Carrier dimensions: 19-inches long x 12-inches high x 12 deep

Suggested for dogs up to 20 lbs. 

Airline approved for under seat use but always check with your airline prior to arriving at the airport.