March 20, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

Slow feed small dog bowl

Does your little doggy eat food so fast he or she sometimes throws up? A slow-feed bowl could be the answer. We recently tested a stainless-steel slow-feed bowl with DJ, our resident speed eater, to see if it would slow him down.  

When DJ ate from his normal stainless steel bowl, he finished a quarter cup of kibble, mixed with a tablespoon of wet food, in 52-seconds flat. After letting him get used to the slow-feed bowl for one week, we timed him. It now takes him about 2 minutes and 15 seconds to finish the same amount of food. That's over one minute slower, which is a pretty big difference. It means he finishes last and can sneak in a few bites of food from our other two dogs. 

How does the slow-feed bowl work? Rather than a wide open bowl bottom your pup can dive into, this slow-feed bowl has three stanchions on the bottom. Food gets in between the stanchions which naturally slows down your pup's eating. Your doggy has to work around the stanchions to finish the meal.

We give this stainless steel slow-feed bowl two paws up and now have them in-stock at DinkyDogClub. The bowl is 6-inches across the top, 2-inches tall and holds two cups of food, which is more than enough for pint-size pooches. A non-slip grip on the bottom keeps the bowl from sliding around. 

The stainless-steel slow-feed bowl for small dog is $15.99. You can order yours here: