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New Fur + Skin Lotion for Your Small Dog.

by Tom Jeffrey May 06, 2015

Dog Fashion Spa fur + skin lotion

We're loving Dog Fashion Spa's fur + skin lotion. What is it? This heavenly scented lotion is designed to condition your fur baby's coat and replenish it with essential nutrients. To use, take a small dab of the lotion and rub it on your hands like you would a hand creme. Then rub the lotion onto your little pup's fur.

Use Dog Fashion Spa fur + coat lotion between baths or trips to the groomer to keep your dog looking and smelling great. You can also use this as a leave-in conditioner after you give your dog a bath. It's easy to use, non-greasy and leaves your doggie's coat silky soft. 

Add this wonderfully scented creme to your pup's grooming routine. Shop now. 


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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