Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

by Tom Jeffrey April 07, 2018

Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?

As a nation of dog lovers, we want to be uber-confident that just as we enjoy our outdoor space, that it is safe for our dogs to enjoy too. But what is harmless to humans can be toxic or irritating to dogs. With summer on the doorstep, the team
at Rattan Direct have created this handy cut-out-and-keep guide for dog owners looking to ensure their garden is safe for the four-legged member of their family. What is it you should be looking for?

PLANTS can produce beautiful and colorful blooms, along with lush green leaves but some varieties of common plants can be toxic or irritating to dogs. From skin rashes to itching, to watering eyes and noses, irritating plants are best kept out of the garden. Seeds, tubers, and bulbs can be toxic too and with your curious hound in the garden, these are best kept out of reach too. Find out more about toxic and irritating plants with the dog-friendly garden guide.

GARDENING PRODUCTS can be hazardous too, so always check the label. From weed killers to slug pellets, to gardening furniture cleaners and paints, there are many chemicals and products that can prove irritating to dogs. Always follow the instructions not just on how to use them but storing them out of reach

THE GARDEN can be a hazardous place too so when it comes to designing and creating a garden, consider your pooch. Fencing off pool or ponds, for example, is a great move or creating them in a way that means a water-loving dog can get out should they ‘fall in’!

With a few tweaks and changes here and there, your garden can be the perfect outdoor space for you and every member of your family, including your beloved pooch.


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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