Life in the Doghouse. A peek inside a one of kind dog rescue organization.

by Tom Jeffrey June 30, 2019

Life in the Doghouse

Imagine a dog rescue organization where 70 rescue dogs live inside a regular home, so the rescue team can see first hand how the dogs behave around people and other dogs. That's exactly how Danny & Ron's Rescue works. You can get a glimpse inside this home-based rescue organization in the documentary "Life in the Doghouse," now available on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta began their rescue mission in 2005 after helping dogs that were abandoned in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Based in Camden, South Carolina, Danny & Ron's Rescue saves dogs from puppy mills, shelters, hoarders, and they provide pet food, supplies and pay medical bills for nearly 50 elderly people living in poverty with their pets. 

What sets Danny & Ron's Rescue apart from other rescue operations is the fact that they welcome dog's with no place else to go, into their own home. Their dining room is filled with crates, the kitchen is where dogs are socialized, their living room is for large dogs, their front bedroom is for small puppies and their screened in porch is the quarantine room for sick dogs.

"We live in the dogs' house. We are the guests," said Ron.  

Danny & Ron's Rescue

One other unique aspect of their rescue efforts is Danny and Ron have used their connections in the horse world to find forever homes for many dogs. Danny is a well-recognized horse trainer and horse show judge. Ahead of horse shows, people are contacting Danny & Ron's Rescue to find out what time their bus is arriving so they can see the available rescue dogs. 

Danny & Ron's Rescue Bus

The film shows just how passionate, kind and loving Danny & Ron are to the animals they save. You also get a peek at how hard the couple works and how agonizing the work can be. When Danny and Ron aren't training horses or at horse shows, which is how they earn a living, they are out in their bus picking up dogs, cleaning up after dogs, training dogs and raising money to cover the expense of having so many dogs to care for. 

As of the release of their documentary, Danny and Ron have helped over 11,000 dogs, many of which were close to being euthanized, find forever homes. 

As you may expect, there are a few sad scenes in "Life in the Doghouse," but this is an uplifting and inspiring movie. We highly recommend it and it gets an 8.5 rating on IMDb

Be sure to visit Danny & Ron's Rescue website to learn more about their operation and to donate to their cause.  


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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