A Small Dog Meetup Could Be Your Ticket To More Little Dog Fun.

by Tom Jeffrey January 02, 2017

A Small Dog Meetup Could Be Your Ticket To More Little Dog Fun.

If one of your new year resolutions is to find more fun things to do with your small doggy, a small dog Meetup might be for you. Meetup is where you'll discover a collection of small dog groups all across the United States.  

Joining a Meetup group is a great way for both you and your doggy to make new friends, socialize and be more active. Many Meetup groups are free. Some organizers may charge a small fee to cover the cost of Meetup, the cost of renting an indoor facility or to help pay for any extras, like snacks or special guests.   

The idea and motivation for launching DinkyDogClub started with our very own DinkyDogClub Meetup group in Charleston, South Carolina. Today we're closing in on 300 members and have an amazing group of small dog owners who meet every other Sunday. We love meeting new members and their pups and we especially enjoy seeing a shy new dog come out of his shell after a few visits and bond with other small dogs. We have members in their early 20's and one in her early 80's.    

Where do you start looking for a small dog Meetup group? Start on Meetup.com and search for dog Meetup groups in your area. 

What if there isn't a small dog Meetup where you live? Starting your own Meetup is super easy and as the organizer, you get to choose the place and time to meet. You can cover the small monthly Meetup fee by asking your members to chip in or by finding a local business to sponsor your group. 

We put together a small list of small dog Meetup groups. Do you already belong to a Meetup group? Have a fun Meetup story or would like us to add your Meetup group to this list, add a comment below.  









New Jersey 

New York

North Carolina

South Carolina





Washington DC






Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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