Make Halloween a Little Less Scary for Your Doggy.

by Tom Jeffrey October 24, 2016

Make Halloween a Little Less Scary for Your Doggy.

Happy Halloween for Your Dog

Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat for Your Small Dog. 

Halloween is days away. If you plan to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, here are some ideas to make it enjoyable for your little doggy. If your doggy goes bonkers when the doorbell rings or someone knocks, consider keeping your furry friend in a room well away from the front door or doorbell. Think about putting your dog's favorite blanket and toys, or crate in a room until the trick-or-treating ends. 

If you have a doggy that loves people, remember, he or she may not love people in costumes, especially short, excited people traveling in groups. If your pup becomes overly excited or nervous when trick-or-treaters arrive, consider keeping him or her away from the door. 

For those with a "door buster" doggy, one that tries to bolt out any open door, be extra careful on Halloween night. Make sure your doggy is wearing an ID tag and be extra careful each time the door opens to pass out candy. 

If you're planning to take your doggy trick-or-treating with your children, remember you'll probably see lots of zombies, monsters, fairies and superheros wandering the streets. Keep you pup on a short leash and remember, just because your dog loves people, don't assume he or she will love people in costumes. Also keep an eye out for magic wands, swords and other costume accessories that could scare or injure your dog. 

One more thing, don't forget to keep you Halloween candy bowl well out of reach of your pup. Chocolate is a no-no for doggies. 

Knowing your dog's personality, a little preparation and some common sense can make Halloween a little happier for your furry friend. Happy Halloween!!

Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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