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We love this clever pet travel bag that makes it easy to carry food and feed your little dog when traveling. My Pet Pail looks like a vintage lunch box. Lift up the cute bone shaped latches and what you'll find is space to store dog food and two bowls to feed your dog. 

My Pet Pail

My Pet Pail dog food travel bag is great for day trips or longer adventures with your furry friend. Use it in hotels, rental homes or in your RV with traveling with your pup. It's no wonder My Pet Pail earned 2019 "Best in Show" by the American Pet Products Association.    

Storage for dry, raw or pre-packed dog food. 

Depending on the size of your dog, My Pet Pail can hold several days worth of food. The top half of My Pet Pail serves as the main food storage bin. This clever food carrier has two plastic 20-ounce bottles you can use to store dry food or water. If you feed your dog canned food or food in small plastic cups, no problem. Simply remove one or both plastic storage bottles from My Pet Pail and you'll find slots to hold a variety of pre-packed foods. If you feed your dog a raw diet, there's room under the bowls for an ice pack to keep food chilled. All your dog feeding needs fit inside one My Pet Pail. 

My Pet Pail

Notice the variety of food packages My Pet Pail can hold. 

My Pet Pail

Use the included plastic bottles for dry food and water. 

Perfect for the dog traveling family. 

My Pet Pail is a convenient way to carry your furry friend's food on day trips or extended vacations. This fun food carrier is durable and rugged enough to use outdoors when feeding while hiking. Use My Pet Pail in hotel rooms, Airbnbs and RVs. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry pretty much anywhere.  

My Pet Pail

Self-sealing bowls. 

My Pet Pail features a fold-down divider with rubber liners that seal the two feeding bowls shut when you close the box. This allows you to put some food and water in the bowls before you venture out so you can quickly feed and hydrate your pooch. The removable bowls are top rack dishwasher safe. 

My Pet Pail

Built-in bag dispenser.  

Feeding time means pooping time isn't far behind. Knowing this, My Pet Pail has a built-in bag dispenser inside. A slot on the back of this lunch box style carrier is where you remove the pick-up bags. One rolls of bags is included and most standard rolls of poop bags will work with My Pet Pail.  

My Pet Pail

Use in your home as a standalone feeder. 

While My Pet Pail is an awesome dog travel bag, you can disconnect the bottom half of my Pet Pet Pail and use it as your in-home dog feeding station. The bowls lift out for easy cleaning and the non-skid based on My Pet Pail keeps the feeder from sliding. Plus, some little dogs do better with elevated bowls. 

My Pet Pail

My Pet Pail dimensions:
12" x 7.5" x 6.5"

Weight: 4.6 pounds

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