Pet Portraits, the Perfect Forever Keepsake of Your Small Dog.

by Tom Jeffrey September 16, 2018

Kendra Profumo Pet Portrait


Have you ever considered getting a portrait of your furry friend? It's an easy and fun way to create a lasting memory of your beloved pet.  

Among the crew at DinkyDogClub, Kendra Profumo is one of our favorite pet portrait artists. Kendra loved being around animals and nature as long as she can remember. She also took an early interest in drawing and her passion for art led Kendra to Chico State University where she studied painting. 

Upon graduating, Kendra began teaching art in the classroom, hanging her art in galleries and volunteering in animal rescues. As if that weren't enough, Kendra went on to earn a Master's in Psychology from Sacremento State. 

Kendra Profumo - Chihuahua

While working as an elementary school art teacher, Kendra's students re-sparked her love of combining animals and art. Recognizing the keen interest children have in animals, she designed her lesson plans from famous artists with an emphasis on animals for them to emulate. This was a fun, creative way to keep her young students engaged and excited about art. 

Over a summer break, Kendra noticed that one of her students welcomed a new puppy into their home. Watching the puppy grow up on Facebook, Kendra felt something inside her, whispering to draw a portrait of that dog. So she did and the completed work sent shivers through her body. That dog portrait also earned her rave reviews and many requests to paint pet portraits. She has been creating pet portraits ever since. 

Kendra Profumo - Shih Tzu

Kendra has been loving the fact that she can combine her love of animals and art and use it to bring so much joy to so many fellow pet owners. 

"My artwork is created under the premise that every animal is unique. I strive to promote animal wellness and celebrate people’s profound bond to animals. An animal’s energy is apparent in every photo that I study…leading to a final artwork that reflects the animal’s vibrancy," said Kendra. 

Her portraits can range in a myriad of mediums to capture all the little details found in the photo of the pets she draws. Some of her favorite tools are colored pencils, acrylic paints, and pens.

Kendra Profumo - Yorkie

We asked Kendra for suggestions on taking photos for those wanting her to immortalize their dog in one of her paintings.

She said, "I encourage people to submit a photo that has their dog looking the way they really know their dog...every pet owner knows their dog's looks and they have a favorite that melts their heart."

Seeing the dog's eyes is also important and it's not uncommon for Kendra to use up to 20 colors in one eye to bring out the details that make your dog - your dog. 

When not painting, Kendra shares a tiny house with her lovely husband and two Internationally adopted daughters. As for her pets, Kendra has two small dogs, guinea pigs, bunnies and cats. She says, "It’s a full house blessed with love, passions, art, and of course animals!"  

To contact Kendra Profumo about a pet portrait, visit her Facebook page


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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