Save Your Back with the Bathe & Go Grooming Tub

by Tom Jeffrey September 25, 2016

Save Your Back with the Bathe & Go Grooming Tub

Bathe & Go Grooming Tub

Tired of being on your knees, hunched over your bathtub while you wash your small dog? The Bathe & Go Grooming Tub might be just what you need. This durable plastic tub stands three feet tall, elevating your doggy to a much more comfortable height for washing. Simply set the Bathe & Go Grooming Tub inside your bathtub and use your shower wand to wash your doggy. Perfect for pups 25 pounds or less. 

Along with standing taller, this tub keeps your little doggy confined to a smaller area, making bath time go a little faster. The tub's steel legs that have rubber, adjustable feet, a drain that empties into your bathtub, a drain stopper, two built-in shampoo bottle holders and a soap dish. 

Embossed paw prints on the bottom of the Bathe & Go Grooming Tub help prevent your furry friend from slipping in the tub. 

The Bathe & Go Grooming Tub is easy to assemble. The only tool required is the included hex wrench, which is used to secure the legs to the tub. Once assembled, set the Bathe & Go inside your bathtub and you're ready to go. Note that you will need a tub with a shower wand in order to use this product. The assembled tub weighs a little less than 20 pounds.  

Considering how long you'll have your small doggy, we think the Bathe & Go Grooming Tub is one accessory that will make bath time much more comfortable for you. 

The Bathe & Go Grooming Tub is $149.99. Click to order yours today.

Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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