Thanksgiving foods to keep away from your small dog.

by Tom Jeffrey November 14, 2018

thanksgiving food bad for dogs

All of those tasty Thanksgiving foods will have little dog noses sniffing their air and licking their chops for a little taste. While it's okay to give your pup a little taste of turkey, there are a few Thanksgiving staples to keep away from your furry friend. 

  • Turkey bones are a huge no-no for all dogs because they tend to splinter can be severe internal injuries. So keep that turkey carcass well out of reach of determined little dogs. 
  • Turkey skin should be off limits to your small dog due to the high-fat content.
  • Sweet treats, especially those with chocolate in them. The darker the chocolate, the worse it is for dogs - especially little dogs under 10 pounds.
  • Grapes and raisins contain something (it has yet to be pinpointed) that may cause kidney damage. Thanksgiving cranberry sauce can contain both grapes and raisins. 

  • Nuts have a high fat content that can upset little tummies, causing vomiting and diarrhea, two things you don't want to deal with if you're traveling with your dog on Thanksgiving. 
  • Nutmeg can also be toxic to dogs and it's a common ingredient in many pumpkin and sweet potato dishes. 
  • Garlic, onions and chives can also irritate your pup's stomach.

Be sure to warn Thanksgiving guests not to feed your little dog, especially if your dog has known stomach issues. If possible, it may be best to keep your pup in a separate room during the feast to ensure your fur baby doesn't eat anything he or she shouldn't have. 

If you notice any vomiting or diarrhea, or your little dog seems lethargic or in pain, you can call the ASPCA  Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may have to pay a $65 consultation fee to have your questions answered.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey


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