25 Most Popular Small Breed Dogs in America: 2018.

by Tom Jeffrey July 15, 2018

25 Most Popular Small Breed Dogs in America: 2018.

The Wall Street Journal, with the help of the American Kennel Club, put together a list of the 25 most popular small breeds in America. Here's the complete list:

French Bulldog

1. French Bulldog


2. Beagle

Miniature Poodle

3. Poodle - Toy & Miniature

Yorkshire Terrier

4. Yorkshire Terrier


5. Dachshund

Miniature Schnauzer
6. Miniature Schnauzer


7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Shih Tzu

9. Shih Tzu

Boston Terrier
10. Boston Terrier


11. Pomeranian

12. Havanese

Shetland Sheepdog
13. Shetland Sheepdog

14. Chihuahua

15. Pug

16. Maltese

West Highland White Terrier
17. West Highland Terrier

Shiba Inu
18. Shiba Inu

Bichon Frise
19. Bichon Frise

20. Papillon

Scottish Terrier
21. Scottish Terrier

Miniature Pinscher
22. Miniature Pinscher

Cairn Terrer
23. Cairn Terriers

Lhasa Apsos
24. Lhasa Apsos

Italian Greyhound
25. Italian Greyhound

    Tom Jeffrey
    Tom Jeffrey


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